The cheese dairy

Milchgold Käse AG is a subsidiary of Freiämter Käserei AG. It operates a modern, high-performance cheese dairy in Auw, in the beautiful Oberfreiamt region of the canton of Aargau.

The team of around 20 employees at Milchgold Käse AG processes up to 180,000 litres of milk into the finest cheese here every day

Our Story

Freiamt has long been a region with many village cheese dairies.

But it soon became clear that investments in the old structures hardly made sense. In many villages, the cheese dairy buildings were located in the middle of the village and some of them were over 100 years old.

The cheese dairies were gradually closed and the milk suppliers joined the Beinwil / Freiamt cheese dairy. The cheese dairy in Beinwil developed splendidly and the amount of milk processed increased continuously.

The cheese dairy building and the production facilities placed in it reached their limits. However, an expansion at the old location in Beinwil was not possible. Together, the milk producers and the long-time milk buyer Melchior Schürmann came to the conclusion that investments should be made in a new cheese dairy.

2010 Freiämter Käserei AG was founded and the construction of a new production plant in Auw AG was pushed ahead.

2011 the newly built cheese dairy of Freiämter Käserei AG went into operation and was operated by Milchgold Käse AG with Melchior Schürmann as tenant.

2019 Freiämter Käserei AG acquired Milchgold Käse AG and has been the sole owner of the buildings and the operating company ever since.


Milchgold Käse AG

Board of Directors

Peter Bütler (President)
Hugo Abt (Vice President)
Markus Flühmann (Member)


Stefan Gasser

Peter Bütler
Mitglied GL

Hansruedi Zgraggen
Betriebsleiter, Mitglied GL

Martin Greif
Produktionsleiter & Lehrlingsbetreuer

Nadine Walther
Finanzen, Verkaufsadministration

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